They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants

  • 20 Nov 12:26
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Named after the 1971 movie starring George C. Scott, quirky USA duo They Might Be Giants formed in 1984. Their album Lincoln became a huge seller after MTV Television got a hold of their music, while the later Flood refined the concepts (particularly the often wayward lyrics). The group expanded to a proper band in 1994 for the record John Henry, and then made the somewhat puzzling move of recording for the soundtrack of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers film - and even had a cameo in the atrocious film. After reverting to a duo, They Might Be Giants became one of the first bands to entirely online with their album The Long Tall Weekend - and this, remember, was in 1999. They subsequently released Boss Of Me, the 2001 Grammy-winning theme for Malcolm In The Middle, a television series. Subsequent ventures have included four albums of children's songs, including the Grammy winning Here Come The 123s.

Followers: Presidents Of The USA, Weezer Crash, Test Dummies

Influenced By: Jonathan Richman, The B-52s, The Dickies, Violent Femmes...


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