The Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground (The Velvet Underground)

  • 24 Aug 12:46
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Astonishingly this did not chart. Now affectionately known as the ‘the third album’, it forms part of a catalogue that contains some of the most influential music of the rock era. Not even recouping its money when released, nor making the charts, it is astonishing how deeply this important band has seeped into our minds. Every track has huge merit, whether it is Maureen Tucker’s innocent voice or Lou Reed’s drawl of sexuality on ‘Some Kinda Love’; even the enthrallingly bizarre ‘The Murder Mystery’ still baffles. Like the cover, dark and decadent; like Lou Reed on the back cover, upside-down and out of his head.

Tracks: Candy Says; What Goes On; Some Kinda Love; Pale Blue Eyes; Jesus; Beginning To See The Light; I’m Set Free; That’s The Story Of My Life; The Murder Mystery; After Hours....


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Best Album On Earth

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