Superunknown (Soundgarden)

  • 18 Aug 13:59
  • 6 lists

Although the world has overdosed on negative ‘feel my pain’ and suicide lyrics, there is such a quality to the work of bands like Soundgarden it remains addictive. The overall sound and thick quality to Superunknown is rich beyond belief. It is possible merely to listen to the music and skip the lyrics, especially if it is a sunny happy day. Chris Cornell may have some internal demons and addictions from which to recover, but this has never clouded his ability to write some excellent music. Of course, if you are suicidal you might like to listen to this and contemplate living, just so that you can play it again and again.

Tracks: Let Me Drown; My Wave; Fell On Black Days; Mailman; Superunknown; Head Down; Black Hole Sun; Spoonman; Limo Wreck; The Day I Tried To Live; Kickstand; Fresh Tendrils; 4th Of July; Half; Like Suicide; She Likes Surprises....


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