Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens

  • 29 Dec 14:46
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The indiest indie kid that ever kicked an indie, Sufjan Stevens is most well known for his concept album series, each of which explores the musical traditions of a single American state (he's so far managed Michigan and Illinois, and has apparently canned the project). A multi-instrumentalist, he's a veteran of the band Marzuki, a label owner (of Asthmatic Kitty Records) and an accomplished solo artist, specialising in slightly melancholic folk. He worked with several key players like Daniel Smith) before releasing, Enjoy Your Rabbit, which was based - naturally - on the Chinese zodiac and which added a patina of electronic beats to his acoustic folk. Although he's shelved his 50 States project, Stevens continues to be the darling of the indie rock set, and is still actively recording and performing.

Influenced By: Jonathan Richman, Stereolab, Low, Tim Buckley...


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