Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher

  • 13 Feb 09:38
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Rory Gallagher was a remarkably gifted blues-influenced rock guitarist who played his Stratocaster effortlessly, and he was almost certainly vastly under-appreciated during his lifetime. He began playing with several bands in the early 60s, before forming the moderately successful Taste in 1966, with whom he established himself as something of a guitar hero. Taste broke-up in 1970, and so Gallagher began a solo career under his own name. Throughout the 70s he was extraordinarily prolific, releasing at a rate of around one album per year. His albums earned wide acclaim and sold strongly, but it was as a live act where he truly made his name. Backed by his band, which was always composed of top musicians, his scintillating live performances helped establish his reputation as one of the best guitarists on the circuit. His simple, yet uncompromising style, and strong, honest vocals, are instantly recognisable. He is also renowned for nearly always appearing with the same battered 1961 sunburst Fender Stratocaster. He died following a failed liver transplant. His back catalogue has since been re-mastered and reappraised, and enjoyed by a wider audience than ever before.

Followers: The Edge, Johnny Marr, Glen Tipton, Joe Bonamassa, Brian May

Influenced By: Lonnie Donegan, Woody Guthrie, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Jerry Lee Lewis, Lead Belly...


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