Ripley's Game

Ripley's Game (Patricia Highsmith)

  • 18 Aug 11:42
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Ripley's Game (1974) is a psychological thriller by Patricia Highsmith, the third in her "Ripliad" series.

In the third Ripley novel, Tom Ripley is a wealthy man in his early thirties. He lives in Villeperce, France, with his French wife, Heloise. Tom spends his days living comfortably in his house, Belle Ombre, until an associate, an American criminal named Reeves Minot, asks him if he can commit a murder for him. Ripley — who "detest[s] murder, unless absolutely necessary" — turns down the offer of $96,000 for the two hits, and Reeves goes back to Hamburg, Germany.

The previous month, Ripley had gone to a party in Fontainebleau, where the host Jonathan Trevanny, a poor British picture framer suffering from leukemia, insulted him. As revenge, Ripley suggests to Minot that he might try to convince Trevanny to commit the two murders. To ensure that the plan will work, Ripley starts a rumor that Trevanny has only months to live, and suggests that Minot fabricate evidence that Trevanny's leukemia has worsened. Trevanny, who fears his death will leave his wife and son penniless, accepts Reeves' offer of a visit to a German specialist in Hamburg. While in Hamburg, he is persuaded to...


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