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NOFX was one of the most popular punk bands to emerge from the underground, with a prolific output to match. Specializing in hyperactive pop punk that often dissected social themes, the band followed the anti-establishmentarian leanings of its music in real life, eschewing commercial distribution or, as the kids put it, ‘selling out’. They also brought a biting humour and sardonic edge to the punk world amid the throbbing drums and slashing power chords. That’s evident in such album titles as Punk In Drublic and Heavy Petting Zoo as well as the songs themselves which offer a satiric take on racism, consumerism, and poverty. After labouring in obscurity for much of the 80s, they intersected the post-punk explosion of the 90s, with bands such as The Offspring and Green Day skyrocketing to fame on MTV. This brought them new fans and visibility, but it never altered their signature sound.

Followers: The Ataris, Dillinger Four, Blink-182

Influenced By: Bad Religion, The Subhumans, Descendents, 7 Seconds, The Misfits...


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