Moby Grape

Moby Grape (Moby Grape)

  • 18 Aug 12:42
  • 6 lists

Time and time again this album is cited as the finest debuts of all time. But just who were Moby Grape? They were a stellar San Francisco rock band who became appalling victims of record company hype followed by their own excesses, as they were lulled into believing they were more than they were. Loopy Alexander ‘Skip’ Spence, growling Bob Mosley and talented bluesman Jerry Miller were but three-fifths of a great band. Every track could have been issued as a single, which is exactly what CBS Records did when they released five on the same day, with disastrous results. A superb collection, superseded in 1993 by the even more indispensable Vintage Grape.

Tracks: Hey Grandma; Mr. Blues; Fall On You; 8.05; Come In The Morning; Omaha; Naked, If I Want To; Someday; Ain’t No Use; Sitting By The Window; Changes; Lazy Me; Indifference....


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