Juliet Burke

Juliet Burke

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Dr. Juliet Burke (née Carlson) is a fictional character on the ABC television series Lost played by Elizabeth Mitchell. Her character was introduced in the third season premiere.

When Juliet was a child, Juliet's parents (Michael Trisler and Amy Stewart) tell her they are getting divorced, greatly upsetting her; they claim though they love each other, they were not meant to be together. The divorce affected Juliet, particularly her outlook on relationships. Her parent's message of "just because two people love each other, doesn't mean they are meant to be together" is present in her relationships on and off the island.

Before coming to the island, Dr. Juliet Burke lived in Miami near her sister Rachel's (Robin Weigert) apartment. Juliet was working for her ex-husband Edmund Burke (Željko Ivanek) as a fertility scientist at Miami Central University. While there, Edmund bullied an acquiescent Juliet and flaunted his sexual conquests. Despite her docile nature, Juliet, alluding to her ends justify the means philosophy, was performing unauthorized experiments on her sister, Rachel. Rachel's reproductive system had been ravaged by chemotherapy, rendering her sterile. Juliet was...


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