Holiday (Weezer)

  • 05 Jul 15:08
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"Holiday" is a rock song written by Rivers Cuomo for Weezer's The Blue Album in 1994. Cuomo wrote the song, along with "In the Garage", after signing onto a major label (Geffen) in 1993. Cuomo used his excitement to write the song, which features a Beach Boys-esque breakdown after the second chorus. The song, along with "Buddy Holly", "Surf Wax America", and "No One Else", features keyboards.

The song mentions American counterculture author, poet, and artist Jack Kerouac in its lyrics.

In the live version of this song on The Lion and the Witch Scott Shriner, who had only been in the band for a few months at the time of the recording, forgets the lyrics to the breakdown, causing most of the band to crack up in laughter. After the completion of the song, Cuomo muses "Holy freakin' cow! That was freakin' Nobel Prize quality right there. Scott just won a Grammy!"

This song was also featured in the 2006 summer movie, Accepted....

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