Green Day

Green Day

  • 19 Dec 11:50
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Green Day formed in 1987 in East Bay, California, and is one of the most successful and influential alternative rock bands of the modern era. Their first two albums, released in the early 90s, helped the band develop a big reputation on the Californian underground rock scene, but in 1994 it went mainstream. After signing a major label record deal Green Day released Dookie. This album performed incredibly well, reaching the higher regions of the charts around the world, and going on to sell more than 10 million copies. The album benefitted from the new mainstream status of alternative rock, and the band capitalised on this perfectly with a brand of music that blended catchy pop melodies with genuine punk attitude. A series of outstanding pop singles united both sets of fans, and established Green Day as a major force on the world stage. Their next three albums sold well, but not on the same scale as Dookie. Nevertheless, they retained their status as a leading rock act - the band's reputation as one of the most entertaining live acts on the planet has never been in doubt. American Idiot in 2004, saw the band take a more commercial direction, as it attempted to cash in on the huge popularity of pop punk and emo. The move was remarkably successful, and the album became its bestselling record since Dookie.

Followers: New Found Glory, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Lit, McFly, The Enemy

Influenced By: The Undertones, The Damned, The Ramones, The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, The Sex Pistols, Cheap Trick...


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