Gibson L5

Gibson L5

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The Gibson L-5 guitar was first produced in 1922 by Gibson Guitar Corporation, then of Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA under the direction of master luthier Lloyd Loar, and has been in production ever since. It was considered the premier rhythm guitar in the big band era. It was originally offered as an acoustic instrument, with electric models made available in the 1950s.

The L-5 was the first guitar with f-holes. The L-5 was first produced in a 16" body width and in late 1934 became the 17" body, compared with 18" for the larger Super 400.

Wes Montgomery was a major guitarist commonly associated with the L-5. Also, the RCA fifties recordings of Elvis Presley feature the sound of Scotty Moore's L-5. Contemporary guitarists who have played an L-5 include Tuck Andress from the Tuck and Patti duo, Lee Ritenour, Pat Martino and Jan Akkerman. John Mayer uses one on his cd/dvd Where the Light Is during the main concert and extra features. Eric Clapton used an L-5 to record Reptile and also used one on his cd/dvd One More Car, One More Rider during the songs Reptile, and Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Early players of the L-5 include Eddie Lang, and Maybelle Carter from The Carter Family, who...


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