Find The River

Find The River (R.E.M.)

  • 19 Sep 16:38
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"Find the River" is a song by R.E.M., released as the sixth and final single from their eighth album Automatic for the People. It was the twelfth and final track on this critically acclaimed release. The song failed to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 and struggled on the UK Singles Charts, reaching #54 in December 1993. It was the first R.E.M. song to fail to reach the top 40 on either chart since "Get Up" in 1989.

Regarding the song's backing vocals, Mike Mills explained to Melody Maker: "'Harborcoat' from Reckoning has got me and Michael and Bill all doing completely unrelated things, and yet it works together. Because of the production we insisted on from Mitch and Don, which I know must have been incredibly frustrating for them, it's hard to pick out exactly what's going on. We tried it again on "Find The River." I had the idea that Bill and I would go in and do some harmonies without listening to each other. It's great because mine is this incredibly angst-ridden emotional thing, and Bill's is this really low-key sort of ambling part. They're two opposite ends of the spectrum but they're both on there, and it's a beautiful thing."

The music video was shot in Malibu, California,...


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