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Formed in 1997 in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, by brothers Danny and Richard McNamara. Embrace emerged towards the end of the Britpop era with a distinctive, soulful, highly melodic sound, characterised by powerful, anthemic choruses. The band's debut, The Good Will Out went straight to the top of the UK charts and became a highly successful effort, with the follow-up reaching a respectable number 8. After the third album, it looked as though Embrace would go the way of other Britpop bands at the end of the decade and fade out, but defying all expectations it made a remarkable comeback with the aptly named Out Of Nothing in 2004, the success of which was helped by the stunning single Gravity, which was written for the band by Coldplay’s songwriter Chris Martin.

Followers: Coldplay, Keane, Doves

Influenced By: Oasis, The Verve, U2...


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