Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne

  • 20 Dec 14:16
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Sk8er Boi was the ultimate pop song: a stupidly catchy, guitar-driven slice of chart music that effortlessly tapped into the skateboarding and punk subculture that was bubbling under in the early 00s. Avril Lavigne was the perfect medium, an attractive, spunky singer-songwriter from Canada who got snapped up by Arista Records when they saw that her skate-shoes-and-piercings style and slightly gravelly voice would be a perfect moneymaker. At 17, she had several hits, including both Sk8er Boi and the softer Complicated, both of which came off her massive debut Let Go. Of course, like many popstars, Lavigne attempted to break out of the mold shortly after: her second album - the brooding Under My Skin, released in 2004 - might have been a new direction, but received a collective shrug from the critics. It was still huge, and although skater chic is as outdated as a 56k modem, Lavigne is still a fixture on the music scene: she acts, records and continues to work with her former husband, Sum 41 musician Deryck Whibley.

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