Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann

  • 19 Dec 13:23
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Aimee Mann first came to public attention as the singer for 80s new wave/pop band 'Til Tuesday, who scored a major hit in 1985 with Voices Carry. The group broke up three years later, but legal problems kept Mann from releasing her first solo album until 1993. As a solo artist, Mann's style shifted significantly, influenced by collaborator Jon Brion's love of 60s baroque pop. She married fellow singer-songwriter Michael Penn in 1998, and the two frequently toured together. Mann's music played a major role in director Paul Thomas Anderson's acclaimed 1999 film Magnolia, which helped bring her music to a much wider audience, enhancing her profile. Mann, Penn, and Brion are core members of a scene that sprung up in the 90s around the small-but-influential Los Angeles venue Largo.

Followers: Amy Speace, Jim Boggia, Florence Dore

Influenced By: The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Zombies, Burt Bacharach...


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