Best Traffic Album On Earth

They were the original doyens of British Psychedelia but soon morphed into a wholly original group which was influenced by nobody and were loved and followed by many. Being the first of many to get away to their country cottage for creativity, they mixed jazz, Eastern music, medieval folk, blues and blistering rock. Traffic were one of the finest groups of all-time. The heart and soul of the group were Winwood, Wood and Capaldi. Winwood's musical genius is well documented, but similarly talented was the always searching Chris Wood and the lyrically brilliant Jim Capaldi. the latter enjoying a minor but successful solo career. Winwood and Capaldi briefly resurrected the band in the 90s for the underrated album Far From Home and were planning another tour when Capaldi was found to be suffering from terminal cancer and sadly another glorious reunion was not to be.

Followers: Paul Weller, Gentle Giant, The Coral

Music, Rock, Folk, Pop

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