Best Steve Hackett Song On Earth

Steve Hackett played with several small bands during the late 70s, and joined Genesis in 1971, replacing guitarist Anthony Phillips. It is with this band that he made his name, staying with them until 1977, by which time they had evolved into a successful progressive rock outfit. He had released his debut solo album prior to leaving the band, in 1975, which continued in a similar progressive rock style. He initially enjoyed solid success with his solo career, although into the 80s his following had shrunk considerably. His solo work moved from progressive rock towards a more classical guitar rock sound, although Till We Have Faces in 1984 was strangely based around a Brazilian samba theme. He has also produced purely acoustic music, and during the 90s he experimented with classical music, working with both the London Chamber Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. He is regarded as a highly gifted guitarist, and is possibly the first musician to pioneer the two-handed tapping technique.

Followers: Alex Lifeson, Brian May, John Petrucci

Influenced By: Danny Kirwan, Peter Green, King Crimson

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