Best LCD Soundsystem Album On Earth

Fusing various musical styles, such as house, disco and punk, New York City-based LCD Soundsystem is essentially the creation of the visionary drummer, DJ, producer, singer and sound engineer, James Murphy, founder of DFA Records. The group's dirty, attitude fuelled electronic music has earned widespread critical acclaim, 2007's Sound Of Silver picking up several Grammy nominations. The band has enjoyed strong success, especially in the UK, although third album This Is Happening, released in 2010, was reportedly the last. The 5 CD box set The Long Goodbye was released in 2014. 2017 saw a spectacular return with American Dream.

Followers: CSS, MSTRKRFT

Influenced By: The Fall, Boney M, The Happy Mondays, New Order, Daft Punk, Manuel Gottsching

Music, Rock, Dance, Electronic, Indie/Alternative

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