Best Emerson, Lake & Palmer Song On Earth

When it comes to prog-rock, Emerson, Lake & Palmer - or E.L.P - were titans in their own time. Keith Emerson (The Nice), Greg Lake (King Crimson) and Carl Palmer (ex-Atomic Rooster) made up the outfit. Pursuing a quasi-classical direction they introduced a startling virtuosity into rock music as typified by a startling take on Mussorgsky's Pictures At An Exhibition. Helping define prog, they blended rock with jazz and classical music in electrifying stage performances and recordings. Success came quickly: massive albums (Tarkus, Trilogy and Brain Salad Surgery, to name three) and huge tours were par for the course. A final hurrah, Love Beach, was followed by one last blowout world tour. The P in E.L.P briefly changed when Cozy Powell replaced Palmer for one album, but the original members came back together in the early-90s for Black Moon. Their live shows remained popular into the 00s although later recordings are nowhere near as good as their initial work.

Followers: Porcupine Tree, Rush, Mars Volta

Influenced By: Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Aaron Copeland

Music, Rock, Playlists

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