Best David Bowie Film On Earth

The world's greatest musical 'chameleon'; the mercurial Bowie was a giant of the modern rock era. Always determined to succeed since his naive 60's beat tracks and his early dance experiments with Lindsay Anderson's mime troupe, Bowie finally made the grade with the remarkable Hunky Dory album. He then proceeded over the next five decades to re-invent himself consistently, always with originality and style. As a fashion icon and performer he set standards and trends which influenced his legions of fans. Bowie rarely failed when tackling new music, and like Miles Davis, always pushed barriers of what is expected of him. So much of his musical catalogue is to be recommended and appreciated it is hard to know where to begin. He was certainly one of the most original and interesting performers of all-time. His death just a week after his most recent album at the age of 69 shocked the world.

Followers: Roxy Music, Jonathan Ross, Kasabian, Mott The Hoople, Ian Hunter, Placebo

Influenced By: Muddy Waters, The Rolling Stones, Anthony Newley, The Beatles

Films, Actor, Miscellaneous

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