Best Byrds Song On Earth

Amongst the most highly regarded groups of the 60s, The Byrds helped demonstrate just how much potential there was in bridging the gap between folk, rock and pop. To demonstrate this, the Los Angeles-based group debuted in 1965 with a rousing cover of Bob Dylan’s Mr Tambourine Man, a move so successful that it allegedly helped influence the singer to ‘go electric’ shortly after. Not resting on their laurels, The Byrds embraced the free-thinking spirit of the decade, bringing aspects of jazz, raga and psychedelia into their music. A radio ban of Eight Miles High restricted the band’s commercial appeal, and over the following years further setbacks came in the form of three of the five musicians leaving. However, with new personnel came new influences; 1968’s The Notorious Byrd Brothers was a unique sonic experiment, and Sweetheart Of The Rodeo was a country-rock masterpiece heavily influenced by the musical tastes of new member Gram Parsons. The Byrds called it a day in 1973, and they were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame fourteen years later.

Followers: Teenage Fanclub, Tom Petty, Starry Eyed And Laughing, Big Star, Dwight Twilley

Influenced By: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Louvin Brothers

Music, Rock, Pop, Playlists, Country, Folk

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