Best Bryan Ferry Album On Earth

Changing the face of rock 'n’ roll forever as the driving force behind Roxy Music apparently wasn’t enough for Bryan Ferry, as he began a solo career while the band was still at its peak. At first he used his outside work as an outlet for his love of old pop, soul and jazz tunes, and his first couple of solo albums were dedicated to brilliantly constructed cover versions. It wasn’t until a few years down the line, when Roxy went on a break, that Ferry started filling his solo releases with his own compositions. By the mid-80s, after Roxy had finally disbanded, he had developed a sleek dance-pop sound that gave him his greatest success in America to date. In the UK his image was somewhat tarnished by his 'Toff' demeanour and the antics of his Fox Hunting son Otis.

Followers: ABC, David Sylvian, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Adam & The Ants

Influenced By: Elvis Presley, Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, Marc Bolan, The Beatles

Music, People, Rock

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