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Blur were one of the leading bands of the Britpop era and they have sold more than 15 million albums worldwide. Join our poll for the Best Blur Songs and listen to our brilliant Spotify playlist as you vote!

Blur are unquestionably one of the leading UK bands of the modern era, and with the exception of Oasis, no band better defines the Britpop era of the mid-90s. The four members first came together whilst studying at Goldsmith's College in London in 1988. Late that year they formed a band called Seymour, and they became Blur the following year, after being signed to Food Records. Their first two albums were critical and commercial successes, but it was with 1994's Parklife that they earned their place in UK music history. This was one of the albums that sparked the birth of Britpop, and by the time The Great Escape was released in 1995, Britpop mania was in full swing, fuelled by a head-to-head rivalry with Oasis, which had been fabricated by the press. Although they remained one of the UK's leading bands into the new millennium, and the number one album spot was virtually assured for each new release, overall sales declined. Inter-band conflicts reached a climax in 2002, when Graham Coxon left the band to pursue a solo career half way through recording the experimental album Think Tank. This album effectively marked the end of Blur. However, after years of speculation, the four original members reunited in 2009, and marked a triumphant return with one of the finest performances ever seen at the Glastonbury Festival.

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