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BTOE has been built by a small team of young, dedicated Software Developers and passionate Specialist Editors. At present we are based in the UK and the USA, but we are expanding globally. Presently we are funded by a group of Entrepreneurs and Private Investors.

BTOE was created to represent the opinions of the global community and for the 'best things' to be representative of what really is the best. BTOE was co-founded by Colin Larkin, author of the 'All Time Top 1000 Albums' and our philosophy has its roots there.

We feel that most of the recommended, ranked, best of, greatest, all-time lists are not a true reflection of what the people really think, and are often a result of 'lazy journalism'. Our lists are up-to-date, in real time and are constantly monitored by our team of Editors for signs of any 'third party' influence.

We want BTOE to reflect your interests and passions. So tell us how to make BTOE a better place for you and your friends. If you have a really good idea that would improve the site, let us know.


If you can't find an answer to your question in our Getting Started guide, please ask an editor.

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We can only succeed if the community shapes what BTOE is. If you feel you wish to take a more active part in the process please contact us at hello@BTOE.com.


The BTOE team is expanding fast and we are constantly on the look out for new staff with a range of experience. Check ask an editor for new posts and send us your application.


If you'd like to write a story about us contact us at press@BTOE.com

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